What Clients Are Saying

"As a new mom juggling parenting responsibilities with a career, I found it hard to manage stress and make time for my own health and wellness. Working with Christina was the best decision I could have made.  She provided stress reduction tools and a strategy for wellness that fit into my life.  I have more energy for myself and my 18-month old daughter."- M. Brady 

"Christina and I started working together a year and a half ago. My goal was to lose the 10 pounds that I'd been carrying around for years. Not only did I lose the weight and discover the best way to eat for my body without dieting, but I also learned ways to reduce my stress. The strategies I learned were easy to implement into my already busy life and a year and a half later, I'm still using them." - J Tyack 

"As a life-time dieter, I needed something to motivate me and get me back on track. Working with Christina, I learned how to create healthy changes in my life and in my food choices. I’m a mother of three teenage boys and have been able to incorporate much of what I learned into our family’s nutrition. Christina is knowledgeable and always willing to get the science and evidence to back up her work." -M Tringale 

"Finding time and motivation to eat right and exercise while balancing work, day to day life, and my 10-month old baby girl seemed impossible. I let exercise and healthy eating take a back seat. Christina helped me realize that my health and well- being are important too. She really listened to me, considered my concerns and problem areas, and helped me find what motivated and worked for me. She helped me brainstorm ways to make exercising possible and provided tools and delicious recipes to support my nutritional needs. With Christina, I'm back on track!"  -E Mendillo 

"Thank you for getting me on the right track this spring with your nutrition workshop. You helped me re-evaluate meal plans and set achievable goals for weight loss. I’ve already lost 8 lbs! " - T King

"If you are thinking that you already know what foods you should eat, I think Christina will change your mind. Working with Christina isn’t about dieting, it’s about learning how to eat what’s right for you for better health and wellness. I learned how to simplify my approach to food, the difference between dieting and nourishing my body, about good fats, how to choose the healthiest meats, about probiotics and so much more. Her approach integrates all aspects of your wellness from nutrition to getting a better night’s sleep and stress reduction." -J. Grady 

“Thank you, Christina, for your informative and supportive workshops. You are a great nutritional counselor because you are so knowledgeable, thoughtful and not at all judgmental.” - A Kahn 

“I want to thank Christina for helping me to identify what was causing my binge eating and how to control it.  I also enjoyed learning healthy recipes from her." -S Murphy