About Me

My Philosophy


I believe all of us CAN and SHOULD feel our best.

Why wouldn't we make the most of this life we've been given?


Everything in our lives is connected. Have you ever noticed that if you're really stressed or overwhelmed in an aspect of your life that other areas suffer? Maybe you're so stressed that you're not sleeping. It could be that you haven't been eating well and have noticed that you've started to gain weight. Finding balance in all aspects of our wellness translates into a full, helathy, and well-lived life. I will work with you to find the right balance for your life.



Integrated Approach

I take an integrated approach with my clients. Together, we focus on the entire picture. Living well is about much more than eating the right foods and exercising. Of course, nutrition and exercise provide an important foundation. However, we will also ensure that you are properly managing stress, building healthy relationships and overall living a life that is in complete balance. 

   Creating Change

Have you ever tried to make a change in your life but were to overwhelmed to take the first step? Were you unsure if what you were doing would lead to success? Creating change is hard work, especially when going it alone. Since habits encompass about 40% of our daily lives, it's easier to stick with what you know. But together we will create healthy habits that are easily intergrated into your life. 


Champion of Change  

I stand by my clients every step of the way in creating long-term, sustainable, and meaningful change. By identifying lifestyle factors that are standing in the way, we build new positive healthy habits.  With support and accountability, anything is possible. 

Background & Experience


Christina is a Wellness Coach and Speaker with over 10-years of experience in the wellness world combined with a successful 17-year career as a Vice President and Portfolio Manager of a $5 billion real estate fund.


Her unique skill set allows her to effectively coach and motivate individuals in finding a balance juggling the many family, social, and work responsibilities with living a well-lived balanced life. Through years of experience balancing work and life with a high profile career, she understands the stressors and demands that challenge a person’s’ health.


Christina procured a set of best practices that allow her clients to find harmony in nourishing their bodies and souls while balancing their busy lives. In combination with her first-hand experience, she graduated from Institute of Integrative Nutrition as a certified health and wellness coach.(http://www.integrativenutrition.com).

In addition to coaching hundreds of private clients,Christina leads stress management, nutrition and well-being workshops with Brown University, the United Way, KoKo Fit Clubs, BlackRock Financial, Cambridge Associates, The Phoenix Companies, Athleta, and Year-Up.  


Christina will empower you to create new habits that will allow you to create a life for you and your family that is balanced with better health, energy, and preventative well being.